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Clear Passage Rhinitis Patch Breath Nasal Strips


SKU: 03854fdba90a

Product Highlights

  • Clear Passage nasal strips open your nose up to 38% more than allergy decongestant sprays alone and can help you reduce nasal snoring
  • Clear Passage nose strips are a drug free snoring aid that provides instant relief for nighttime nasal congestion due to cold or allergies
  • USE: Wash and dry your nose then apply above the nostrils.
  • REMOVE: Wash your face with warm water and start to loosen the nose strip from each end, gently lifting the strip off your nose
  • Clear Passage nasal strips are available in other colors, sizes and scents to help you breathe better so you can sleep better
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Wash Up

The adhesive strip won’t stick properly to wet, oily, or moisturized skin, so wash and dry your nose before applying. Later, when you want to remove the strip, wash your face with warm water or when you’re in the shower. Always remove the strip gently.

Size Matters

No, really. Clear Passage strips come in different sizes, colors, and skin sensitivity levels, making it easy to determine which strip is best for you. See chart below.

Position is Everything

Place the adhesive side of the strip right above where your nose flares out and gently rub the strip to secure it into place on your nose. Better breathing begins now.